My Everest Experience


When you visit Mount Everest your experience very much depends on which side of the mountain you experience it from. When I visited the tallest mountain in the world I was on the Chinese, Tibetan side, in June. It was completely deserted apart from the four people who I was traveling with an absolutely silent. We had to take our time when reaching base camp as we needed to acclimatize to the conditions. I can remember lots of prayer flags, all over the place in fact and we posed for our photographs near the top of the world. We were not there to climb, merely to look upwards, but I did long to climb it.

Everest is a graceful and beautiful mountain, even though, for some, it will claim them forever. It reveals our souls and our abilities in the way that few other mountains can. Seeing it for the first time in reality is an incredible experience and words cannot really describe the way that you feel. I long to climb it someday. There’s my¬†mount everest experience.

Choose a Hydroponic Fish Tank Garden for Your Home

When you are looking to add a new decorative element to your home, you are looking for something that is fresh and different. You are the kind of person who likes having a home that stands out and that others find to be special. You will find that adding a hydroponic fish tank garden to your home can help you to make the home more unique than it already is.

A hydroponic fish tank garden gives you the opportunity to have both fish and plants in your home, and it offers you one space where you can have both living things together in your home. You will find that a hydroponic fish tank garden brings about a feel that is unique and special in your home, and you will find that your home is a happier place to be when you have both fish and plants living with you in the place.